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Freelance lighting cameraman with more than 10 years of experience on the fields of Documentary, Fiction, News gathering, Art, EFP productions…
Basic ENG equipment
(camera, tripod, wireless microphones, mob light, light set, car)
ENG crews (DOP/cameraman, assistant, sound technician, gaffer…)
Different video formats (DV, HDV, DVCam, Digital Betacam, HD)
Postproduction (Final Cut Pro, Avid Liquid…)

Photographerss: Jani Peternelj / Nada Žgank / Bogdan Zalokar / Anush Margaryan (Armenia) / Primož Pečovnik
Iztok Bončina / Bojan Mastilovič / Alan Orlič Belšak / Borut Peterlin / Veit Urlich-Braun

REFERENCES (short): i2i Television (GB), Euro News (F), DeutscheWelle (D), BBC (GB and Scotland), HRT (Cro),
All major references can be foumd * here *
Idrijska Čipka / Idrija Lace

Trailer- 1st documentary of Idria Lace. I did documentary last year (2007). Idrija, my home town is well known about second the biggest minory of Mercury in the world and about Idria laces. With very small / no / budget I did 21 minutes long documentary narated in 4 languages (Slo, Italian, English, German). I am still seeking for some inputs for it's further development to 50 or more minutes.

* vimeo *

Njegove Sanje / He's dreams

Njegove Sanje is my first film I did when I was 13 years old. It was filmed with 16mm Krasnogorsk film camera. Njegove sanje - digitalni rez (He's dreams - digital cut) is remake/reedited original version from 1985. I simply digitalized old version (Bosh telecine) and reedited it in AdobePremierPro1,5. In cooperation with some friends we did new sound and here it is! After 23 years Njegove Sanje is still alive!

* vimeo *