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Matjaž Mrak
Matjaž Mrak
Ulica 1. maja 7, 5280 Idrija, Slovenia

Phone Nr.: 00386 (0)41 684 467
Citizenship: Slovene



September 2004, Coach for the authors, certificate for completing the international course Profesionalisation of young writers for tv, film and theatre. Project Leonardo, funded by EU.

Mechanical technician

1987 – 1991 Secondary school of mechanics Idrija



  • February 1, 2005 Friendly Production
    I officially established my own production FRIENDLY PRODUCTION, legal form of organization: sole proprietor.

  • February 1997 – 2004 VPK,Video produkcija Kregar – production company
    Director of photography, cameraman, realizer, ENG and EFP production

  • November 1996 – January 1997, Kanal A Ljubljana – commercial TV station
    Director of photography, cameraman, ENG and EFP production

  • December 1995 – October 1996, TV3 Ljubljana – commercial TV station
    Cameraman, editor, realizer, ENG production

  • 1993 – 1995, KUD Naprej Idrija
    working with juvenile (sub)cultures

  • 1993 – 1994, Radio Cerkno – a radio station
    in this period I have prepared over 60 radio shows on my own, dealing with juvenile (sub)cultures – most of the radio transmissions were broadcasted live

  • 1991 – 1992, IMP TIO Idrija
    working in a tool factory

  • different 1996 – 2004 (Tovarna Vizij, Pro-Fit, Ericsson, Kerozin, Simetrix, Kisik, Vepri, EMC…) advertising agencies, production companies: participation in realisations of different projects (cameraman, director, author, project leader…

  • different 1996 – 2004 (Four Klor, Glej, Pozitiv, Dic, Human Creative Net…)
    theatre groups, educational centres, dancing/theatre groups, independent groups and authors, participation in realizations of different projects and classes/seminars…

  • 1985 - …
    working also as an independent creator (author, cameraman, editor, director) in connection with video and film and as an organizer of non-conventional projects (concerts, exhibitions, presentations)

  • 2000 – 2008 MENTOR for video workshops. Concept: from idea to realisation
    FAMUL STUART – OVT I. and II., School of Applied Arts, Ljubljana, Slo, 2006/2007/2008, ODPRIMO GLAVE… IN ZABELEŽIMO S POMOČJO VIDEO GLAVE, L'MIT/Društvo Škuc, Ljubljana, Slo 2006, INTENZIVNA ŠOLA (RE)KREATIVNEGA SNEMANJA™ (INTENSIVE SCHOOL OF (RE)CREATIVE VIDEO-RECORDING), Društvo Atelje 2050, Ljubljana, Slo 2005/2006, POZITIV VIDEO5, DIC Ljubljana, Slo 2005, OD IDEJE DO REALIZACIJE (IDEA TO REALIZATION), summer workshop of JSKD (we made 5 screen plays and realized two (2) as a project and one (1) as rehearsal), Črna na Koroškem, Slo 2004, NEW BORDERS OF EU/OLD IN OUR HEADS, cultural centre Mostovna, Nova Gorica, Slo 2004, KAMERA JE/NI OKO (CAMERA IS/IS NOT EYE), Emc d.o.o., Grosuplje, Slo 2004, POZITIV VIDE04, DIC Ljubljana, Slo 2004, MEDIA WITHOUT BORDERS, DZP Krško, Slo 2003, POZITIV VIDE03, DIC Ljubljana, Slo 2003, VITE IMPOSSIBILE, TDA Napoli, Italy 2003, NO MAN'S LAND, DIC Ljubljana, Slo 2002, POZITIV VIDE02, DIC Ljubljana, Slo 2002, FRI.VOLI, Faculty for Architecture Ljubljana, Slo 2000.



  • Človek/suženj/mašina (Man/slave/machine) loop video was selected for the Človek-Mašina (Man-Machine) exhibition (Velenje, 2005).

  • Concentrate at an international festival »Architecture and New Media« BIONIC TERRITORIES (Ljubljana, October 2000) – received a second prize.

  • Z – Film at 4th Festival of Independent Film and Video of Slovenia (Ljubljana, October 1999) – received an award for camera.



  • English:
    understanding of written and spoken Engish, fluent communication

  • Croatian and Italian
    good understanding, conversational



    Documentary broadcast, fiction broadcast, advertising/commercials, reports, sports, music video clips, art production…

    Fiction broadcast (studio), fiction broadcast (field), licenced shows/transmissions/broadcast

    Sport events (basketball, football, hockey), music shows, cultural events…

EXPERIENCES WITH TECHNOLOGY (as director of photography and cameraman)

  • HDCAM (High Definition Camera), Digital Betacam, HDvideo Sony, Mpeg IMX,DVcam

  • BeatacamSP, U-Matc HB, U-Matc LB

  • DVCPro, MiniDV, Digital8…

  • Svhs, Hi8, Vhs, Video8


    Britka Bebič travelling cinema presents: On domestic garden 1 - 3 is a film-musical project by Bratko Bibič, it is an edited, recycled and adapted history of silent and sound clips of Slovene and other film-makers since 1905. Ljubljana, April 2006

  • ČLOVEK – MAŠINA (MAN – MACHINE) – video art exhibition. Participated in a public tender and was chosen among ten exhibitors (more than 30 works were submitted) with my »loop« video ČLOVEK/SUŽENJ/MAŠINA (MAN/SLAVE/MACHINE). Velenje Museum / Gallery, November 2005.

  • DVA (TWO) – a full-length performance by dance and exploratory theatre, author Neven A. Korda. DVA, a dance and exploratory theatre's full-length performance, shows reality states in a multi-levelled theatre reality: acting performance in an actual space, transmission to speakers and screens at the same time, computer manipulation with data and manipulation with time. Worked as a camera director and crane operator. One-time event, 28th June 2005, Kodeljevo Castle, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

  • BERI ME ZA NAPREJ (READ ME FORWARD) – Real event, author Neven A. Korda.
    Metastasis of discipline, dancing, running, electric guitar – drums, archives, sound and visual landscape, live-act camera(man)/performer. My part was performing live-act camera. Performances around Slovenia, 2003.

  • APLIKACIJA 1024 (APPLICATION 1024), author Cezary Bodzianowski, who lives and works in Łodź, Poland. According to the weekly magazine Raster's top ten scale (January 2003) he is considered the most popular Polish artist. A projection of an art action record Aplikacija 1024 was shown at the Victoria exhibition, where I creatively participated in production and post-production. The artist performed it in Park Hotel, Ljubljana. Galerija Škuc, February/March 2003.

  • SIMPATIA POR EL DIABLO, author Carlos Amorales, Mexico/The Netherlands. With the character of 'Amorales', the artist steps from his own position into a reciprocal role between art and wrestling and behaves as an MC, a comentator or a catalyzer of events. Co-operation in a performance as a cameraman/performer. Galerija Škuc, May/June 2002.

  • PARABOLA (PARABLE), author Mirko Simić. The first real live act on rave parties. Video jay and live act camera, connected with dee-jay. A synergy of rhythm, dancing, landscape, animation and live transmission of picture on screen . Creative performance by Human Creative Net, at the time I was its member. Slovenia/EU, 1997/1998.



  • In all these years 29 author works, 16 documentaries and 4 dance movies were made. Over 20 commercials, video clips and over 50 different non-commercial and commercial projects and co-operated with more than 20 TV stations all over the world (EuroNews – F, BBC-GB, TVSlo-Slo, POP TV-Slo, Kanal-A-Slo,TV3-Slo, HRT-Cro, Nova TV-Cro, RTL-De,RTL tv-Cro, DW-Deutsche Welle-De, RAI-It, MTV-GB, DSF-De, ORF-Au, TVE-Esp…), also participated in more than 200 different live broadcastings (sports, entertainmet programmes, events…), recorded more than 300 parts of different format shows (licensed programs) and about 120 parts of fiction program.


  • My main interests are dynamic spheres, where one can deal with new questions, solutions and ideas every day and where constant upgrading of knowledge is needed.

  • Since October 2003 I am member of international project PROFESSIONALISATION OF YOUNG WRITERS FOR TELEVISION, FILM AND THEATRE which is a part of Leonardo project funded by EU.

Idrijska Čipka / Idrija Lace

Trailer- 1st documentary of Idria Lace. I did documentary last year (2007). Idrija, my home town is well known about second the biggest minory of Mercury in the world and about Idria laces. With very small / no / budget I did 21 minutes long documentary narated in 4 languages (Slo, Italian, English, German). I am still seeking for some inputs for it's further development to 50 or more minutes.

* vimeo *

Njegove Sanje / He's dreams

Njegove Sanje je moj prvi film, katerga sem posnel pri 13 letih na 16mm Krasnogorsk filmsko kamero. Njegove sanje - digitalni rez je remake/reeditirana verzija originalna iz leta 1985. Film je preprosto digitaliziran (Bosh telecine) in reeditiral v AdobePremierPro1,5.
S pomočjo prijateljev smo posneli še nov zvok in tukaj je! Po 23 letih so Njegove sanje še vedno žive!

Njegove Sanje is my first film I did when I was 13 years old. It was filmed with 16mm Krasnogorsk film camera. Njegove sanje - digitalni rez (He's dreams - digital cut) is remake/reedited original version from 1985. I simply digitalized old version (Bosh telecine) and reedited it in AdobePremierPro1,5. In cooperation with some friends we did new sound and here it is! After 23 years Njegove Sanje is still alive!

* vimeo *